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Founded in 2014 as the originators of Kpop Skate Night, Kpop Social Night (KPSN) is a family-friendly K-pop event that encourages fun and fandom pride through online Hallyu social events.  In 2020, we began the annual philanthropy-and-fun conference, KPSN PODCAST FEST, to bring together the creative voices of music, drama, and film content creators around the world to celebrate Hallyu. Through this event, KPSN displays our interest in positively changing opinions and access to resources for mental health by providing an annual event to bring philanthropy and fun to the forefront of the global Hallyu fan community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Kpop Social Night (KPSN) bring originality and imagination to Hallyu fans.

Working on Laptop
Woman with Amputee Using Laptop

Our Vision

KPSN aspires to bring Hallyu fans together in continued philanthropy for mental healthcare awareness globally. 

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